Sunday, July 1, 2012

So what the hell is a 'capsule wardrobe' anyway?

Interestingly, in the name of researching the question i just thought of, i googled it. And google being google, as i started to type it gave me a bunch of possibilities, the second of which was 'capsule wardrobe'.  The first was 'capsule endoscopy', and now i wish i wasn't so inquisitive.

But yes, capsule wardrobes. If you've been reading my other blog, or watching my twitter, you might be aware that i'm planning a move soon.  Expect posts about decorating and cushions soon! (Not really).  So while i don't have a lot of space where i am now (someone else's attic) and will actually have more after i move (studio, yay! No shared blimmin' bathroom! Even more yay!  I know, the glamour never stops!) the actual act of moving is much more of a palaver than i want it to be.  The major faff for me is packing.  And then unpacking at the other end. I'd almost rather just chuck everything i don't need and start again.  Which, ok, is not that eco-friendly on paper but hey, i don't drive, i get credits.  Yes i do.

Having done a quick inventory though, i don't have that much to chuck out.  I might even be doing the capsule thing already by mistake.  Here's my capsule, broken down to categories:

Biker jacket. Fitted. Works with a smart frock like you wouldn't believe. Trust me. Doesn't have to be expensive, mine's plastic and you wouldn't know to look at it.

Brolly. Small, handbag size. Biker jackets don't have hoods.

Something big and functional that's not an anorak.  Throw-over ripstop hoodie, yachty jacket, it gets cold again in winter, and it rains a lot these days (bloody knackered planet, did nobody take notice of Tomorrow's world?).

Tailored dress. Wherever around the knee works for you. Not short. Think job interview, presentation etc. Get two.  Make sure they're different enough. Yeah i know its sexist but boys can get away with the same suit two days in a row; that's because mostly how they look doesn't matter all that much, nobody's looking at them.

Wide leg trousers. Don't care if they're in fashion or not, they look damn good, ask Katherine Hepburn.

Slinky top to go with the trousers.

Awesomely grown-up handbag.

High heeled boots. Knee high for preference, they go with skirts better

High heeled shoes. For when its too hot for boots. Either black or mental coloured/sparkly. Like Caitlin Moran says, animal print is a neutral.

Not smart:
Jeans that fit and suit your shape. See, thought i was going to say 'skinny' or 'high waist' or whatever there didn't you?  Nope. What fits you looks good, and what i love now about jeans in 2012 is that there's no 'must have'. Skinny, Flared, 'boyfriend', nicked off boyfriend, nicked off girlfriend, whatever works. Me, i have a pair of skinny that are currently the exact perfect shade of old and will therefore probably fall apart the next time i wash them, and a pair of flares that are such a perfect fit i can hardly get them done up but once they're on, i don't notice them.  Blue or black. Colours make you look like a jester.  And i saw some acid wash jeans today, don't do that. Ever. Unless you're Kate Lanphear. And i doubt you are.

T-shirts, assorted vesty camisoley things.  Again, shape is everything. I like mine sprayed on OR way too big but then i have tiny boobs.  Experiment. Find a shape that works for you and buy a load of them.

Jumpers. NOT sweatshirts, unless you're american and 15, and probably even not then.  Big huge snuggly jumpers you can wrap yourself in on a cold day or use as a blanket. AND teeny tiny ones that make you look like its the 50s.

Trainers. Biker/combat boots. Wellies.

Courier/laptop bag, backpack.

Party/date/night out:
KILLER dress. I mean, killer. The one that makes you feel like Jessica Rabbit.  Doesn't have to be expensive, shouldn't be trashy, you're a diva, not a jersey shorer.  Yeah, gender binary, yeah sexism, but yeah, why the hell not? A frock that makes boys open doors for you and clear a path.  You don't have to snog them or anything.  It's not for them, it's for you.

Shoes to go with killer dress. Can be anything.  I'm being vague here, but my killer dress shoes are a pair of matte platform courts from new look. They do the job.  Make sure you can walk in them.

Whatever your signature jewellery is.  You know what i mean. For me it's bracelets. I never take my earrings out, but if you do, get an assortment.

Bags.  You can have too many bags but it isn't easy.

More shoes. Just general shoes, they make good ornaments too.

Tights. Opaque. Black.

At least one bra that really, really fits. Doesn't have to be expensive.  Whisper it, but i hear on the grapevine everything high street is made in the same factory anyway. Except for the really fancy stuff.  Probably.

Pyjamas. Old leggings and boy's t-shirts count.  And look adorable, actually.

The makeup thing that really suits you. For me, its smudgey black eyeliner and neutral lips.  Easy and doesn't need to be neat, because that's the point.  I want want WANT red lipstick but it makes me look like a zombie david bowie.  And not in a good way.

A decent haircut.  That doesn't mean expensive, that means one that suits you, flatters your features and works for your life.  I've gone on before about hair but its a big thing, it's a body part that you can easily 'fix' unless something disastrous happens.  Watch any makeover show - what makes the big difference? It's the hair. Get the hair right and everything else falls into place.  And i can't say it enough times, right means what you feel comfortable with, whether its the full Cheryl of extensions or a dyed pink grade 2.

If you ride a bike, then HELMET. And gloves. Yeah, they look dorky, yeah you probably won't need it, until the day you do. I've got a scar on my chin and a scratched Urge Dirtomatic that would have been a trip to the hospital had i been trying to look cool.  You really don't look cool sliding down the road on your face no matter what you're wearing.

So hum, ok, i've just pretty much looked around my room and done a clothes inventory.   A bit of a big 'capsule' but still only a suitcase or two's load. Not too horrific.  And like i said, we're not going travelling here.

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