Saturday, March 10, 2012

Knowing thyself...

And because i am british, i have to add to that: fnarr, obviously.  But yes, its one of those things we're always told isn't it?  Along with 'always be yourself'.  Which, to digress, don't always be yourself obviously.  Like for instance, if you're John Prescott, maybe try occasionally not being John Prescott for five minutes.  And Jeremy Clarkson should definitely stop being himself immediately.  But actually, there's an interesting couple of examples.  I don't think Mr Prescott (who i actually quite like, i find it hard not to approve of people who punch members of the countryside alliance in the head) knows particularly who he is.  Clarkson on the other hand, is so self aware that he's now just someone doing an impression of Jeremy Clarkson and has ruined Top Gear because of it.

They should get John Colshaw in instead.

But yes, an element of self aware is a useful thing.  Yonks back, before the Times site got stuck behind a paywall, there was an article in the fashion section all about 'fashion sex'.  Which apparently is nothing to do with doing rude things to laboutins, but was, i thought, quite an interesting idea.  Although having googled it i can only find articles being critical about the whole thing.  But for me, it struck a chord.  A slightly annoying one, but hey.  Because i know that my fashion gender (which is probably a better term and would have sparked less criticism from those inclined to criticise such things) is unequivocally boyish.  And it's really annoying!  Take for instance, one of my favourite things: the humble bicycle.  Every day, i ride to work.  And rather than dressing like i'm about to jump out of a plane, climbing aboard the battered but beloved beast and sweating it up the stupid hill every day, just occasionally i'd rather be swooshing along on a nice shiny pashley with a basket on the front, looking all elegant and composed.

Except: i know that i wouldn't really.  Much as the idea appeals, i know, deep down, that my next bike is probably likely to look something like this, rather than something you'd find swooshing through the streets of copenhagen.

That's because my fashion gender is boy.  I've accepted it.  I know, for instance, that when i had my hair long and wore glasses, that while in my head i looked like Anastacia, in actual fact i looked more like Garth off of Wayne's World.  Its not a good look. I can't pull off that ultra-fem thing.  And its a bummer, but its ok. Cos secretly i know that this kind of thing suits me much more than this would.  And while, wah its not fair i want to be a princess etc, also, d'you know what, girls in boysey stuff can look pretty damn cool, actually...

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