Thursday, January 26, 2012

Its a mixed up muddled up shook up world. How much fun is that?!

EDIT: Just in case you're reading this far back (the internet being an immediate medium and all that), i've edited the bit about Julie Bindel after seeing  this interview with meta magazine's Paris Lees which has made the more fundie end of the 'radical' feminist community turn on her rather a lot.  It was a risk for Julie, and i don't agree with everything she says in the interview, but there's more there i'm on side with than not.  

Just a quickie this one really....  I was wandering about WH smith in paddington station, and this magazine cover jumped out at me:

Ooh, thunk i, is that a boy or a girl?  Either one, looks fab!  So i picked it up and flipped through, and its a girl.  Hurrah!  And that got me thinking about gender identities and all that and everything, and i thought, you know what?  I like this world we're creating!  Her up there is channeling tilda swinton and annie lennox, and hurrah, about blimmin' time is all i can say!

Because how dull has it been lately?  I mean, really?  Since the 90s, boys have been all bald heads and anoraks, and girls, spray tan and push up bras... I mean, see post below about boobs, yeah, i'm a sucker for a wonderbra same as anyone else but really, isn't a world with beth and tilda and annie and andrej pejic in just so much more fun?

Feminist writer julie bindel once wrote 'imagine a world inhabited just by transsexuals!  It would be like the set of grease!'*  Well, to be very honest, i'd quite like to live in that world.  I want to be a T-bird or a pink lady when i'm in the mood, and some days maybe i can be a pink-bird or a T-lady.  Why the hell not?  Sounds like fun to me....

*she has since apologised for that. A lot... See edit note above.

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